Union (Maram Women Union)

Maram Women Union

Maram Women Union (MWU) is the apex body of the Maram women in the Maram Area.

TENURE 2014-2017

President – Kanga Regina (Maram Khullen)
Vice President – Sinity (Thapou)
General Secretary – Hoidina Celina(willong)
Joint General Secretary – N’bingpui Rana (Maram Bazar)
Finance – Angel (Katomei centre)
Statistics – Ketora (Katomei)
Property – Kala (Katomei)
Publicity – Luibisa (Maram centre)

One thought on “Union (Maram Women Union)

  1. Dear Peter,
    Appreciated the hard work you have put into it, and at the same time I would like you, to add about Maram Naga Baptist Association (MRNBA), which is the Apex Body of Maram Naga Baptist Churches, comprising of 22 Churches, having its head office at Senapati DHQ with 7 Full time workers. 1. Executive Secretary, 2. Mission & Evangelism Secretary, 3. Women Secretary, 4. Youth Secretary, 5. Accountant, 6. CareTaker, 7. Driver.

    MRNBA At Glance:
    Established: in 1985.
    Became Full-fledged Member in Manipur Baptist Convention in 1987.
    For more Detail you can contact us at mrnba@rediffmail.com

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